# Building the Application

You can either work directly with the source and set up Rig inside Eclipse/CINCO, or make a binary build and work with the generated artifact.

# Generating a binary build (locally)

# Requirements

  • Docker Runtime (tested on 4.7+)
  • Run docker run --entrypoint "/bin/bash" --rm -it -v ${PWD}:/build/scce/rig -v "${HOME}/.m2:/root/.m2" --name cinco registry.gitlab.com/scce/cinco
  • Inside the now open container, run
    • cd /build/scce/rig
    • sh build.sh
  • Wait for the build to finish. The first time around, this can take a significant amount of time to download the dependencies. Subsequent runs are faster, because the maven dependencies and image layers are cached on the host.

# Work with the source

# Requirements

git clone git@gitlab.com:scce/rig.git

# Install required bundles (for versions <=2575cd7c):

Simply cloning the project and importing it in CINCO will yield many errors due to missing imports & bundles.
The required bundles can be found in https://gitlab.com/scce/p2-maven (opens new window).

In CINCO, go to Help > Install new software

  • In the Work with: field, type https://scce.gitlab.io/p2-maven/main/repository
  • Install the bundles required for Rig, as shown below: Dependencies
    • Eclipse might give you the following warning, which can safely be ignored: Warning
      (Choose "Install anyway)
  • Restart CINCO

# Build Rig from source:

  • Import the projects into your CINCO workspace.
  • In info.scce.rig.dsl.variables, find src/info.scce.rig.dsl.variables/GenerateVarExpressions.mwe2 and choose Run As > MWE2 Workflow from the context menu.
  • In info.scce.rig.dsl.conditions, find src/info.scce.rig.dsl.conditions/GenerateExceptOnly.mwe2 and choose Run As > MWE2 Workflow from the context menu.
  • (for versions >= 2575cd7c)
    • Run mvn install in info.scce.rig.libraries/
    • Right-Click the Rig Project, Choose "Maven" > "Update Project"
  • In info.scce.rig, find model/PipelineEditor.cpd and chose Generate Cinco Product from the context menu.

How to Run:

Right click any of the projects, and select Run As > Eclipse Application.

# Known Issues

Sometimes, GraText will fail to build due to not importing XTend libraries.

In this case, open
and use the Quick Fix "Add Xtend libraries to classpath", then re-generate the CPD.

Last Updated: 6/13/2022, 6:24:29 PM